Many years of experience in real estate development and investment

ZAR Real Estate Holding is a fully integrated real estate project developer and investor operating throughout Germany.

We are active in the areas of project development and residential property investments and pursue the goal of creating sustainable, liveable living and working spaces.
In the area of project development, our focus is on the acquisition of attractive plots of land in major German cities at an early stage in order to leverage sustainable value creation potential through the active creation of planning and building rights as well as realisation. As part of our Manage-to-ESG strategy, we pursue the goal of adapting existing residential properties to current and future social, economic and ecological challenges through revitalisation.

With the help of our extensive expertise and a holistic approach, we stand out from the market and create sustainable added value. At the same time, an excellent network of long-standing partners testifies to the outstanding quality and reliability of ZAR Real Estate Holding.


Our team of more than 20 colleagues combine their wealth of experience with agility, efficiency and a view beyond their own noses to realise our ideas of helping to shape the future in an economically sustainable way.

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Munich, Dusseldorf,


Clear corporate strategy
through sole shareholder

Company structure

> 2 bn. €

Track Record

Sustainable planning and Building rights creation

Project development

A transparent manage to ESG strategy

Residential Properties

up to 500 mio. €

Investment volume

We are helping to shape the future

We aspire to create sustainable and future-oriented living spaces in Germany for generations to come. We are a young company, and we rely on our motivated and experienced team to implement and develop these goals with personal enthusiasm and commitment.

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ZARWEB is a local project development company in Düsseldorf that strategically supports the Western Germany region. With Christian Weber as its general manager, and an experienced project manager in the person of Alexa Zerbe, the company possesses years of real estate experience and comprehensive expertise in project development, planning permission procurement, and project implementation.

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Growing together – we are always interested in committed employees with project experience.

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