Company and project level

Sustainability Projects & Company

Sustainability has become a central issue for companies in the real estate sector, and this is also the case for ZAR Real Estate Holding: We not only take responsibility for the environment, but also for society and the economy. To this end, we implement dedicated sustainability measures at company and project level. In doing so, we aim to ensure that we fulfil our responsibilities as a company and have a positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate. Among other things, we actively promote the use of environmentally friendly materials and renewable energy sources, and encourage the integration of social aspects into our projects.

ESG measures
at the corporate level

  • An attractive working environment and a target of 50% women at management level.
  • The use of cultural value assessments for new hires.
  • The facilitation of corporate volunteering twice a year and at least one investment in social projects per year
  • Regular stakeholder dialogues on the topic of ESG
  • CO2 neutrality at company level by 2045
  • Continuous monitoring of sustainability goals
  • Regular publication of sustainability reports (first report in preparation)

ESG measures
at project level

Project developments:

  • Resource-efficient construction through the use of regional building materials, local supply chains and the use of wood-hybrid construction methods.
  • Circular construction through the use of recyclable materials and a demountable construction method
  • Green roofs and façades taking into account factors for more biodiversity
  • Unsealing of surfaces, taking soil and water protection into account
  • Economical use of water in new buildings
  • Energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies
  • Long-term and close partnership with municipalities and communities and consideration of their needs
  • Creation of living space with the highest level of comfort and quality of stay in social and ecological terms


  • Targeted implementation of modernisation measures to reduce the carbon footprint while focusing on value creation
  • Monitoring, analysis and benchmarking of consumption data to reduce energy, water and waste
  • Improving the metering infrastructure (e.g. smart metering)
  • Awareness campaigns and communication strategies towards existing tenants
  • Assessing the need to reduce carbon emissions at the facility level using the CREEM tool
  • Reduce vacancy rates by improving the quality of housing
  • Refurbishment of unrefurbished units to ESG quality standards


We structure our sustainability strategy and measures based on three pillars.