Covering the Entire Value Chain

Traditionally, we focus on residential, commercial and office properties, as well as neighbourhood developments. Investment activity is currently concentrated on selected peripheral locations in booming cities such as Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. Looking ahead, we’re also launching financial and development models for other regions, municipalities and locations which demonstrate good potential for value enhancement.

Success model

ZAR Real Estate Holding acts as a fully integrated project developer and reliable partner with extensive experience and the required network. In doing so, we cover the entire value chain for real estate development:

Site acquisition


Procurement of planning permission

Renting / leasing



Adept prefinancing and intelligent forward sales ensure financially strong implementation and a structured project flow. In developing promising value-added projects, we focus on maintaining partnerships on an equal footing. At the same time, this successful model offers high levels of flexibility.

Our extensive network is a valuable resource where renting or leasing is concerned. Our multifaceted pool of contacts also includes potential commercial tenants. Finally, broad-based market access and professional transaction management lead to successful project implementation.


Investment focus

Investment volume from 15 million EUR to 500 million EUR
Project volume: > 10,000 m², gross floor area
Market focus: Top 7 in Germany
Single deals and portfolio deals
Main types of use: Residential, commercial, district development

ZAR portfolio key figures


Our investment focus is on district developments as well as residential and office properties. ZAR Real Estate Holding currently has over 780,000 m² of gross floor area in development and can look back at a concluded transaction volume of more than 2.6 billion EUR.


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12 projects in development

Over 3.8 billion EUR GDV in development

Approx. 780,000 m² of gross floor area in development

Residential, commercial, offices, hotels

Top 7 cities in Germany



This is where you will find all the latest information, from current trends and project developments to updates about the ZAR Real Estate company.


Future-oriented strategies and a sustainable approach are the basis of our long-term value creation.


We view each new project with fresh eyes to enable us to discern the unique characteristics of the locality and create a sustainable project that not only has a promising future but is integrated into the community.