The Frontier project development site is located in the up-and-coming Berlin district of Neukölln and promises a dynamic and future-oriented working environment. The location combines the advantages of inner-city integration in public transport and supra-regional connection through proximity to the airport BER. The plan is to develop an innovative, sustainable and flexible project at the southern interface of Berlin to give the location the importance it deserves.


Property size:

approx. 11,000 m²

Planned GFA:

approx. 45,800 m²

Type of use:

Office & Commercial

Level of development

Conceptual design

The planned new building extends over 6 to 7 floors and is designed to allow for a versatile use concept. The building structure allows for flexible leasing of units ranging in size from 270 m² to 6500 m² per floor.

A special highlight of our planning are the roof terraces, which are easily accessible via lifts and offer tenants a unique perspective.

Learn more about the project concept and the exclusive rental spaces.



Every project development and every property is individual. For this reason, we look at each new project with a fresh eye in order to work out the site-specific features and create a promising, sustainable project that is integrated into society.