We act today for the day after tomorrow.

As a developer and investor for real estate projects and portfolios operating throughout Germany, we have covered the entire value chain of real estate development since our founding in 2018, from planning and financing to realisation and active asset management of the property.

Our aspiration is to create sustainable and viable living space for future generations in Germany – sustainable, urban, dense and mixed. To this end, we integrate sustainability not only into our business strategy, but into all decision-making processes, all our activities and investments, and strive to continuously improve our performance over time.

We recognise that sustainability starts with ourselves and is closely linked to our own actions along our entire value chain. It starts with how we comply with regulations, how we treat our own employees, how we work with our partners and the communities in which we operate, and ultimately how we manage natural or finite resources. We therefore work closely with all our stakeholders to achieve our goals, meet their needs and drive change towards a more sustainable future.

We also know that we cannot tackle the challenges of climate change and sustainability alone. In collaboration with strong partners, we are convinced that we can make an important constribution. Beyond our direct influence and company, we see ourselves as an interface within and part of a larger sphere of influence, the “city”, which consists of our immediate stakeholders, institutions, companies , communities and the environment.


We structure our sustainability strategy and measures based on three pillars. Our central goal is to act in a socially, ecologically and economically responsible manner as a real estate company and to continuously improve our sustainability performance in all areas.



We not only take responsibility for the environment, but also for society and the economy. To this end, we implement dedicated sustainability measures at company and project level.


We are a member of
ECORE – ESG Circle of Real Estate

The members of the ECORE initiative have developed a scoring standard to make sustainability in real estate portfolios transparent, measurable and comparable. This is the basis for continuous optimisation towards CO2 neutrality.



The twenty colleagues who make up our team combine a wealth of experience with agility, efficiency, and an ability to grasp the bigger picture.


Our aim is to create sustainable and future-proof living space for future generations in Germany through modern and attractive urban district development and the revitalisation of existing residential properties.


Every project development and every property is individual. For this reason, we look at each new project with a fresh eye in order to work out the site-specific features and create a promising, sustainable project that is integrated into society.