ZAR Real Estate Holding – Developing Value

Approx. 200.000 m² GFA under development

over € 1 bn GDV in development

Project volume: over 10,000 m² GFA

Real estate projects with value creation potential

Based in Munich and operating across Germany, ZAR Real Estate Holding is a fully integrated developer of real estate projects with high value creation potential. ZAR Real Estate Holding is currently working on representative commercial, hotel and urban quarter developments.


ZAR Real Estate Holding relies on an established network of long-standing project partners and assistants in the implementation of all of its projects. From planning to concrete execution, handover and administration of new addresses and real estate projects, we work closely with municipalities, investors, constructors, financial institutions and other project stakeholders.


The management team at ZAR Real Estate Holding comprises specialists with years of experience in the real estate and finance sectors.