Project development

Developing sustainable value

In the area of project development, our focus is on the acquisition of attractive properties in major German cities at an early stage in order to leverage sustainable value-creation potential through active planning and construction rights creation and realization. The aim is to create sustainable, livable living and working spaces through modern and attractive urban district development. In doing so, we cover the entire value chain and thus guarantee a holistic approach:



Project development

Construction / Realisation

Asset Management


Investment Focus

Investment volume from approx. € 15 million to € 500 million
Project size volume starting from 10,000 m² GFA
Focus on land and value-add development projects
Market focus on A and B locations in the top 7 cities in Germany
Typical types of use: Residential and Office;
selective: logistics and hotel


As part of our Manage to ESG strategy, we pursue the goal of adapting outdated portfolio properties to current and future social, ecological and economic challenges through revitalization.


Mehr Themen


Future-oriented strategies and a sustainable approach are the basis of our long-term value creation.


Our aim is to create sustainable and future-proof living space for future generations in Germany through modern and attractive urban district development and the revitalisation of existing residential properties.


Every project development and every property is individual. For this reason, we look at each new project with a fresh eye in order to work out the site-specific features and create a promising, sustainable project that is integrated into society.