We Contribute to Shaping the Future

We aspire to create sustainable, forward-looking living space for future generations in Germany. As a young company, we rely on our motivated and experienced team to implement and develop these goals with personal enthusiasm and commitment.

Our Motivation

1. Space for Sustainable Business Sectors

Land is enduring, but it’s limited. Its value is growing steadily. This means that locations in and near German cities represent an investment in the future. And the future of Germany as a business location means quality of life – through technology, mobility, digitalisation, creativity and inventiveness.

We promote these economic factors. They’re rooted in knowledge, research, education and infrastructure, as well as affordable living space – capacities we seek to strengthen and safeguard. And we develop new space which fulfils these criteria. This is the future to which we can and want to help give shape. The vision of implementing projects whose utilisation secures Germany as a business location, as well as the quality of life of the people who live here, fills our commitment with meaning and spurs us on.

Accretion with Vertical Value – calculating with generations

2. Sustainable living space for the next generation

As a forward-looking project developer that supports sustainable business sectors, ZAR is aware of its responsibility and takes due consideration of ecological and sustainability factors – both in the utilisation of the projects we manage and in our own structures, processes and operations. This is what we call economic sustainability.

In order to live up to this responsibility, our entrepreneurial goals are guided by the principle of leaving future generations with the most sustainable, climate-neutral and life-sustaining urban space as possible (ESG). Only in this way can our work be meaningful. Consequently, we as developers of real estate projects understand value creation as an economic concept which is always linked to social, ethical and ecological values such as the pursuit of CO2 neutrality, good health (new building concepts due to pandemic implications), respect for nature, animals and human beings and the resulting quality of life.

Our Approach

The fundamental basis of our business performance is the professional competence and motivation of our employees, as well as the fortification and consolidation of our financial strength. The latter is implemented by means of clear acquisition strategies, careful project and plot selection, solid project funding and sustainable financing models.

In addition to acquisition, financing and development, ZAR also seeks to obtain its own portfolio properties. Developing long-term property ownership strategies is an important tool for capital security. The objective is to gain room for manoeuvre in order to be able to realise our vision of helping to shape the future in an economically sustainable manner. As a young company, we rely on our team of ambitious and experienced employees. Fresh ideas and expertise interact with each other. Our thought and action are guided by the following corporate values:

Corporate values

To be open and curious

Being fair

Being agile

Being shrewder

Taking responsibility



We plan today for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


The twenty colleagues who make up our team combine a wealth of experience with agility, efficiency, and an ability to grasp the bigger picture.