We plan today for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Environmental protection and CO2 reduction are simply a fact of life. The role they play in the real estate sector is particularly important: Together with the building industry, our sector is responsible for around 40% of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions. This means that project development plays a decisive role in the fight against global warming.

ZAR Real Estate Holding is well aware of its responsibility in these matters. With our sustainable and certified projects, we want to make a contribution to significantly reducing this percentage – while also complying with ESG guidelines. This applies not only to financing building and district projects but also to their planning and realisation.

It is absolutely vital to define the sustainability criteria on all levels of project development, to implement and measure their compliance, and to render them transparent.
– Martin Hofmann

Cross-process sustainability


We already take sustainability aspects into account in the planning phase and when coordinating with cities and municipalities for planning permission, also taking into account the building’s future use. Moreover, we pursue sustainability aspects both on the level of financing (sustainable finance) and on the transaction level.

This also refers to social and sustainability aspects in our company: Providing fair working conditions, creating transparency, ensuring equal opportunities and a corporate culture free of discrimination, as well as guaranteeing fair pay.

Sustainability will, in the long term, lead to selectivity in the real estate sector.
– Daniel Argyrakis

Project-related sustainability


Our project development concentrates on buildings that are resource-friendly, ecologically sustainable, and energy-efficient – naturally taking into account ESG standards and criteria in all decision making.

As we build our portfolio, we also attach importance to ensuring as much CO2 reduction as possible during realisation and to using materials that are sustainable and resource-friendly.

As a company, we want to make a significant contribution to limiting climate change.
– Martin Hofmann

Sustainability and the social environment


No locality exists that does not have its own history, context and reference points. This is the position that we adopt every time we begin a new project development. Only then are we able to reconcile the status quo of a building plot and the social changes that take place in its vicinity with the idea of sustainable construction. Our projects must not only add value today but they must also offer prospects and quality of life for future generations.

We orient our sustainability cycle towards the new normal – for more health, well-being and resilience, as well as falling costs, and especially for low-rent living spaces and the provision of community spaces and social facilities. Companies with questionable ethics are excluded as users. Companies who reflect our own concept of the future are preferred.

The real estate sector is one of the key factors in the fight against global warming.
– Daniel Argyrakis

We are member of
ECORE – ESG Circle of Real Estate

The members of the ECORE initiative have developed a scoring standard to make sustainability in real estate portfolios transparent, measurable and comparable. This is the basis for continuous optimization towards CO2 neutrality.

We are helping to shape the future

We aspire to create sustainable and future-oriented living spaces in Germany for generations to come. We are a young company, and we rely on our motivated and experienced team to implement and develop these goals with personal enthusiasm and commitment.

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The twenty colleagues who make up our team combine a wealth of experience with agility, efficiency, and an ability to grasp the bigger picture.


ZAR Real Estate Holding operates as a fully integrated project developer and a reliable partner with a high degree of experience and a dedicated network.


We view each new project with fresh eyes to enable us to discern the unique characteristics of the locality and create a sustainable project that not only has a promising future but is integrated into the community.