Society has faced unprecedented challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.Showing solidarity is now of the utmost priority. This is why ZAR Real Estate Holding has chosen to support the projects run by Tafel Deutschland e.V. Especially in times of crisis, the umbrella organisation of the German food banks makes an important contribution to the country’s poorest people.

There are more than 940 food banks throughout Germany, who distribute food to people in poverty. They assume social responsibility and are committed to sustainable food management. The charitable organisation is financed solely by private sector and personal donations. “The food banks in this country have been doing an excellent job for many years, and their huge importance is all the more in evidence in these times of COVID-19. We are glad to be supporting this project,” says Felix Schallmeyer, managing director of ZAR Real Estate.


ZAR Real Estate project developments continue running

Even if the current situation demands a little more organisational skill, ZAR Real Estate continues to be reachable to all project participants. Felix Schallmeyer: “We support the motto ‘Stay home—stay safe’. However, it is the case that our projects lend themselves well to being managed from home office workplaces.” ZAR is currently implementing projects in the locations of Berlin, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf. These are being pursued with due compliance for all the given precautions and safety measures. Acquisitions are also continuing. ZAR Real Estate has always been prepared to cope with difficult market situations. Partners and other interested parties are welcome to contact us at any time with any queries relating to projects or acquisitions.