Munich, 1 July 2021 – ZAR Real Estate Holding is on the verge of a landmark business expansion. The company was founded in 2018 and has since grown into a leading project developer in Germany, way beyond its original goal of a financing platform. The recent subportfolio sale now makes it possible for us to move towards enhanced value creation and engage in project realisation.


Ever since its foundation three years ago, the ZAR Group has been on a continuous growth course. Within a short space of time, the company succeeded in putting together an attractive portfolio, comprising fifteen projects with a planned gross floor area of over 1.4 million square metres and a GDV of approximately  6 billion EUR. subportfolio comprising ten projects has now been sold, with effect from 30 June. “This partial sale enables us to raise our company to the next level. Over the coming years, we will be able to realise sustainable urban development projects and put together our own portfolio in the long term,” says Daniel Argyrakis, Managing Director and CFO of ZAR Real Estate Holding.

Over the last few years, ZAR Real Estate Holding has established itself in the area of planning permission procurement. Significant progress has also been made regarding planning permission for the projects that have now been sold, in some cases culminating in building approval.

Argyrakis continues: “We have many plans for the next few months. Our real estate financing will in the future be enhanced by the establishment of a new fund. In addition, in the interests of the environment, we will be orienting our entire processes in line with ESG criteria and sustainability paradigms. We have a strong acquisition pipeline, with attractive project developments, through which we expect to achieve a planned project volume of over 1 million square metres gross floor area by the end of the year.


Development of teams and new sites

Following on from CFO Daniel Argyrakis’s appointment to the Management Board at the beginning of 2021, a Chief Development Officer will also be added to the management team this autumn. We will also be opening a new branch office in Berlin. “Together with the headquarters in Munich and our office in Düsseldorf, we would say that our Germany-wide network is extremely well placed,” says Daniel Argyrakis.

The development of the ZAR Real Estate Holding company also involves tapping into the Southern Germany market. After previously limiting its activities to Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, ZAR recently made its first investment in its home market of Munich. ZAR Real Estate Holding will also expand its activities in prosperous cities in the East of Germany.



Future-oriented strategies and a sustainable approach are the basis of our long-term value creation.


We plan today for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.


Every project development and every property is individual. For this reason, we look at each new project with a fresh eye in order to work out the site-specific features and create a promising, sustainable project that is integrated into society.